Vietnam Talents Solidarity

Hope reborn, a project takes form, a fascinating career....

Social inclusion and innovation
    AAFV is convinced that digital (trans) formation is a powerful factor for social inclusion and favors equality of opportunity through the following three challenges : 1.

      1. SOCIAL: act upon employment and professional qualification of a public selected on the basis of social criteria and a strong motivation to accomplish digital training.
      2. SOCIETAL: encourage social cohésion, diversity and reduce inequalites by digital access.
      3. ECONOMIC: respond to recruitment needs in digital entreprises engaged in a civic approach .

    The project, Vietnam Talents Solidarity - digital access for all has several objectives :

      • encourage young people, 18 to 30 years old , but thanks to their capabilities and motivation, equal access to quality training in the digital sector.
      • offer a chance to these young people to develop their digital talents.
      • work to build veritable employability which will permit, at the end of their training, these young people to rapidly gain employment in the digital industry in Vietnam.
      • act on the question of professionnal equality between women and men

    The totality of training costs is underwritten by the project.

    Scholarships are awarded under certain conditions, notably, assiduity to respect the goals established by those responsable for the project

    We insure good learning conditions and provide learners with all necessary materials during the training.

Methodology - learning and acquisition of competences
    The project is based on an innovative learning method (cf. schema below).

    It is not only about teaching technology, but also about the transfer of knowledge, learning techniques.

    The method learn how to learn permits learners to

      • understand the sense of what they have learned
      • evolve in a confident environment and maintain motivation.
      • believe in their capacities.

    Thereby, the learner discovers their own learning profile and eventually opens other new profiles.

    The acquisition of a professional posture ((the comportemental capacity, the communication capacity, open-mindedness, autonomy, initiative and adaptation, the “savoir-être”, ethics and discipline) is regularly evaluated through

      • simulation,
      • case studies,
      • active pedagogy,
      • self-training,
      • project management.

    and by trainers’ oversight of the interactive quality of each learner with repect to their group.

    Our training concept also includes the development of linguistic competences, English and/or/ou French.

    Language learning permits o

      • encouraging openness to others
      • o
      • improving creativity and tolerance
      • o
      • preparing rapid insertion into the national and international digital workforce
End of course certificate

    The training, validated by continual evaluations both remote and on-site, is culminated by a Professional Certificate recognized by entreprises.

    The learner receives a professional certificate - Software Tester / Web Developer delivred by the organization FUNiX and a diploma from STVN awarded at a graduation ceremony in presence of all training partners.

Training Plan - Software Tester

    The training program is based on the Funix concept which corresponds to the exigences of entreprises located in Vietnam (local and international). The learners have access to the most modern technological trends in the domain of IT and learn to think in an independent and creative manner within the digital domain.

    Training Details and management

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