AAFV's Solidarity Actions in Vietnam

Who We Are ?
    L'AAFV AAFV (Association d’Amitié Franco-Vietnamienne) created in 1961, is a non-profit organization, officially recognized pertaining to General Interest, established under French law (law of July 1, 1901) which operates in Vietnam.
    AAFV’s purpose is to maintain, manifest, and develop friendship and solidarity between the people of France and Vietnam. .
    AAFV’s activities include :
      • inform about Vietnam, •
      • develop cooperative relations between the two countries on a basis of equality and reciprocity , •
      • engage in humanitarian and development projects in Vietnam, alone or in coordination with other associations
Our Values
    AAFV’s values present since its creation in 1961, reflect the spirit of the Law of 1901 as well as that of its founder, Charles Fourniau, , press correspondant and recognized historian.
      • Confidence
      • Responsability
      • Solidarity determines the field of activity.
      • Respect for the individual and his country
      • Qualityis a pledge of respect for the country, the individual members, the reflexion of professional competenceses and persons working with the association.